Registration Fees, CVHA House League (City of Vaughan Hockey)

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Registration Link for House League.


House League Divisions & Fees for PLAYERS Only


 Link to Program Description FEES  Register for Program
 Program U5 $595.00  Register
U6(2016)  Program U6 $650.00  Register
U7(2015)  Program U7 $700.00  Register
U8(2014)  Program U8 $750.00  Register
U9(2013)  Program U9 $750.00  Register
U10(2012)  Program U10 $775.00  Register
U11(2011)  Program U11 $775.00  Register
U12(2010)  Program U12 $775.00  Register
U13(2009)  Program U13 $775.00  Register
U14(2008)  Program U14 $775.00  Register
U15(2007)  Program U15 $775.00  Register
U16(2006)  Program U16 $750.00  Register
U17(2005)  Program U17 $750.00  Register
U18(2004)  Program U18 $750.00  Register

CVHA House League Divisions & Fees for GOALIES Only

For more information on CVHA Goalie program Click Here 

  FEES  Register       for   Program
U13(2009) $387.50  Register
U14(2008) $387.50  Register
U15(2007) $375.00  Register
U16(2006) $375.00  Register
U17(2005) $375.00  Register
U18(2004) $375.00  Register

Important Info

All Registration must be done through Hockey Canada.  Links for Registration will be posted as soon they become available. 
Please refer to House League FAQ for info on start dates and other important facts. 
Fee can be paid in full at time of registration  or you may opt for Payment Plan Option of 2 equal payments.

Your child is not fully accepted into the program until you have received a Notification of Acceptance email from the CVHA office.

Late or defaulted payments, not approved by the CVHA Executive, will result in the cancellation of ALL playing Privileges for the registered player.

Vaughan residents will be given priority status when registering for House League

Age groups may be combined or separated depending on final registration numbers.


Methods of Payments

You may pay by Credit Card Online

Visa and MasterCard  credit cards are accepted.

Family Discounts


You will automatically receive a $200.00 discount from the applicable rate at time of registration for each child from the same family registered after the first two children have been registered.

Do not register a player who is NOT from your immediate family in order to obtain the family discount. The player will lose their spot and have to re-register and will be required to pay all associated costs prior to acceptance.

Refunds (IMPORTANT) 

Season Closures and Cancellations due to COVID 19

Should the Hockey Season not start due to COVID you will be refunded 100% of your Registration Fees (less Visa Fees incurred). 
Should the Hockey Season start be postponed or cancelled once it has started you will receive prorated refund/credit.  This refund/credit will be based on the number of ice sessions used, Jersey, Socks, CC fees as well as other fees incurred  by the CVHA on behalf player.

Non COVID Related Refunds:  

The following administration fees will be deducted from the original registration fee:

• $75.00 will be deducted from ALL refunds.
• $20.00 will also be deducted for credit card registrants.

If a player sustains an injury or illness and is unable to finish the season after Sunday October 17, 2021, partial refunds may be granted. In these cases, the $75.00 administration fee, $50.00 jersey/sock fee and $20.00 credit card processing fee will be deducted from the full payment first. The refund will be based on the number of weeks to the end of the regular season from the date of written request is received in the CVHA Office. (Please Note: Refunds take a minimum of 4-6 weeks)

Link to Refund Form Please use this form to request a NON Covid Related Refund