Members of Distinction (City of Vaughan Hockey)

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Presidents of the CVHA

The Membership of the City of Vaughan Hockey Association Recognizes the Years of Dedication and Commitment the following individuals have made to the City of Vaughan Hockey/Vaughan Rangers in their role as President.

Barry Harte 2010 - Current

Harold Gaber 2007 - 2010

Steve Pottins 2004 - 2007

Tony Alonzi 2000 - 2004

Frank Bruno 1998 - 2000

Marshall Drewnowsky 1995 - 1998

Pat Gailbraith 1994 - 1995

Harvey Korman 1991 - 1992

John Giordano 1991 - 1994

Founding Members

In 1991 the following individuals were responsible for establishing the City of Vaughan Hockey Association.  Their vision, hard work and collective efforts amalgamated Maple Minor Hockey Association, Woodbridge Minor Hockey and Thornhill Hockey.  The newly established City of Vaughan Hockey Association brought together players, coaches, volunteers and parents from all corners of Vaughan to set the foundation for one of the strongest most successful minor hockey associations in Ontario!

Thank you! To our Founding Members from the thousands of players who have participated in the City of Vaughan Hockey Association/Vaughan Rangers programs over the many years. 


Sonya Ceci

Sam Ciccolini

Al Doria

Sandra Georgiou

Wayne Guiney

Harvey Korman

Bruce Lee

The continued success of the The City of Vaughan Hockey Association is due in great part to the collective effort and  commitment of the City of Vaughan and the entire team in the Recreation and Culture Department. Specifically Doris Haist, Joyce Epstien and Mary Reale who led the initial COV team that established our Association.   Their commitment  to the residence of Vaughan and the Youth Programing established a long and very sound foundation of Youth Sports Programming in The City of Vaughan.

Life Members

As recognition for time served on the City of Vaughan Hockey Executive Board and for those who hold the role of a Past President,  after the 10th year of service they will become a Life Member of the City of Vaughan Hockey Association.   The following past and current Executive Members are now deemed as Life Members and hold all rights as a current member.

Barry Harte - Life Member

Emilio Carinci - Life Member

Rocco Alonzi - Life Member

Tony Spagnuolo - Life Member

Nick Marchese - Life Member

Tom Berkovits - Life Member

Harold Gaber - Past President & Life Member

Sheldon Katzman - Life Member

Steve Pottins - Past President & Life Member

Tony Alonzi - Past President & Life Member

Frank Bruno - Past President

Marshall Drewnowsky - Past President

Pat Gailbraith - Past President

Harvey Korman - Past President & Life Member

John Giordano – Past President & Life Member