U14 AA, Divisions, Vaughan Rangers Early Bird AA, 2021-2022 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2021-2022 season, which is not set as the current season.
Group Details
U14 AA
Group A
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4
Mississauga Beast4008125+70.7062-0 (W)2-3 (W)4-1 (W)2-3 (W)
Mississauga Jets11241210+20.5455-2 (W)1-1 (T)2-3 (L)4-4 (T)
Vaughan Rangers2204109+10.5262-1 (W)4-0 (L)1-4 (L)0-7 (W)
Toronto Aeros0311821-130.2761-4 (L)4-2 (L)1-9 (L)4-4 (T)
Group B
TeamWLTPtsGFGADiffGF %Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4
Greater Toronto Capitals2115129+30.5712-0 (L)4-2 (W)1-4 (W)4-4 (T)
Duffield Devils2204179+80.6545-2 (L)4-0 (W)1-9 (W)2-3 (L)
Flamborough Sabres2204913-40.4091-4 (W)2-3 (L)2-3 (W)0-7 (L)
North Toronto0222711-40.3892-1 (L)1-1 (T)4-1 (L)4-4 (T)
Semi Finals
Sun, Oct 24
Sun, Oct 24
All Teams
Full Schedule
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Al Pal A - Al Palladini Rink A, 9201 Islington Ave, Woodbridge, ON
  • Al Pal B - Al Palladini Rink B, 9201 Islington Ave, Woodbridge , ON
  • SV-A - Sports Village Rink A, 2600 Rutherford Road, Maple, ON
  • SV-B - Sports Village Rink B, 2600 Rutherford Road, Maple, ON
  • SV-C - Sports Village Rink C, 2600 Rutherford Road , Maple, ON
  • SV-D - Sports Village Rink D, 2600 Rutherford Road, Maple , ON