Marshall Drewnowsky Memorial Select Tournament, 2017-2018 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This Tournament is part of the 2017-2018 season, which is not set as the current season.
Current Tournament
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Nov 16-Nov 19
Tyke • Tyke Tier 1
Tyke • Tyke Tier 2
M Novice • M Novice Tier 1
M Novice • M Novice Tier 2
M Novice • M Novice Tier 3
Novice • Novice Tier 1
Novice • Novice Tier 2, M Atom
Atom, Tyke, M Peewee, Peewee
M Bantam, Bantam, M Midget
Minor Novice • Minor Novice Group 1
Minor Novice • Minor Novice Group 2
Minor Novice • Minor Novice Group 3
Midget Jr, Midget Sr, Under 21
Novice • Novice Group 1
Novice • Novice Group 2
Novice • Novice Group 3
Minor Atom, Minor Peewee, Peewee
Minor Bantam, Bantam, Minor Midget
Midget Jr., Midget Sr.
No upcoming games scheduled.

Thursday November 9, 2017

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we have been building the Schedule. 
All divisions are now posted.

Please check back regularly for changes and updates and necessary corrections.
I will attempt to post notices should corrections be made.

We require a Hockey Canada Approved Roster and approved Travel Permit/Permission from every Team.  Please forward to our Office ASAP.  if you have all ready sent them in, thank you.
If you have not yet sent in, please note that only those players and team officials on an approved Hockey Canada Roster and with an approved Permission Form will be permitted to participate.

Please forward ahead of time, so that we can proof and approve your  documentation.  
Please send to [email protected]

Head Coaches Novice Group 2 and Midget SR.
  We have posted your first 2 games only.
Your third game will be posted after we reseed based on your first 2 game results. 
The slots for those 3rd games are posted as Q11 & Q12 as well at QF1 through to QF 4.
Should you have any questions on this, please have your team manager contact us.

We ask that you send the link to your parents so that they can check regularly as well.

We ask that only Coaches and Team Managers contact our office should there be any issues.  

We thank you for your patience and co-operation as we build the most competitive and fun divisions for all the teams.

Registration is now OPEN!!

Come Join the Fun in the Biggest Select Tournament in Canada!!

The Marshall Drewnowsky Select Tournament runs from November 16-19, 2017 and hosts the following Divisions:

Registration Fee  Tyke Minor Bantam - $1000.00

Registration Fee Bantam to Juvi - $1100.00 

Sanction #5215

We will be accepting Select Teams in the following divisions. OMHA, Alliance, NODHA, ODMHA, USA teams welcome!
Tyke (2011)
Minor Novice(2010)     Novice 
Minor Atom 
(2008)         Atom (2007)

Minor Peewee (2006)    Peewee(2005)

Minor Bantam (2004)    Bantam(2003) 

Minor Midget(2002)      Midget Jr. (2001)  

Midget Sr. (2000)          Under 21(1999-98-97)

3 game Minimum
Semi and Championships will be held on Sunday November 19th.
ALL Vaughan Rinks will be utilized in this Tournament. This includes, Sports Village, Al Pallidini, Woodbridge, Maple, Rosemount, Garnet Williams.
Welcome gift for each team.

Please note due to size of our Tournament we cannot take scheduling requests and cannot schedule around House League games.  Please ensure you have cleared your entire weekend from all House League activities. 

Based on the number and caliber of teams entered we will tier the following divisions to ensure competitive game play. 

Tyke (20011)    Minor Novice (2010)     Novice (2009) 
NYHL Tier 1 , OMHA AAA and MHA Gold can expect to play in Tier 1. 
OMHA & Alliance A, AA & AAA Teams Welcome Tyke(2011), Minor Novice(2010) and Novice.

We are not planning to tier the following divisions.  Our objective is to run balanced and competitive divisions within each  grouping. This tournament is open to Select teams only.  It is not open to House League Teams or AE 1-2 or AE 3-5.

Minor Atom (2008)        Atom (2007)

Minor Peewee (2006)   Peewee(2005)

Minor Bantam (2004)   Bantam(2003) 

Minor Midget(2002)      Midget Jr. (2001)  

Midget Sr. (2000)          Under 21(1999-98-97)

Refund Policy 
Once your team has been accepted there will be no refund unless we do not run your division.

Hotel Policy 

As a term of condition for acceptance into our Tournament , Teams requiring hotels, must stay in one of the Host Hotels as outlined in the Tournament Tab.  Should you have any issues booking with one of the Host Hotels, you must contact our Office ASAP. Acceptance to Tournament is contingent on only using Host Hotels

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