Schedule & Results, Marshall Drewnowsky Memorial Select Tournament, 2014-2015 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Thursday, November 13, 2014
Nov AdamsGr 1-16:00 PMRink B Cooksville Phantoms Gold 0-1Vaughan Rangers Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-26:00 PMRink C Richmond Hill Coyotes 3-1Meadowvale Hawks Gold
Nov AdamsGr 1-36:15 PMRink A Humber Valley Sharks Black 2-11Duffield Devils Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-46:15 PMRink D Weston Dodgers Red 1-2North York Knights Black
Nov AdamsGr 1-57:00 PMRink B George Bell Titans Navy 4-2Barrie Colts
Nov AdamsGr 1-67:00 PMRink C Halton Hurricanes 3-5Don Mills Flyers
Nov AdamsGr 1-77:15 PMRink D Markham Waxers 1-2North Toronto Red
Friday, November 14, 2014
Nov AdamsGr 1-810:15 AMRink D Peterborough Petes 1-7Clarkson Hurricanes Gold
Nov PatGr 2-212:00 PMRink B Duffield Devils White 2-4Vaughan Rangers White
Nov PatGr 2-312:00 PMRink C North York Knights White 3-2Nickel City Jr Sons
Nov PatGr 2-112:15 PMRink A Cooksville Phantoms Red 1-6Vaughan Rangers Blue
Nov SmytheGr 3-11:00 PMAl Pal W Forest Hill Blue 1-13Vaughan Rangers Black
Nov PatGr 2-41:15 PMAl Pal E Port Credit Storm Red 1-10North Toronto Green
Nov AdamsGr 1-102:00 PMRink C Don Mills Flyers 7-2Meadowvale Hawks Gold
Nov AdamsGr 1-112:00 PMAl Pal W North Toronto Red 0-3Duffield Devils Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-92:00 PMRink B Clarkson Hurricanes Gold 2-3Vaughan Rangers Red
Nov SmytheGr 3-22:15 PMAl Pal E Peterborough Petes Select 1-7Kingston CAL Panthers
Nov AdamsGr 1-133:00 PMRink B Peterborough Petes 1-7Cooksville Phantoms Gold
Nov AdamsGr 1-143:00 PMRink C Halton Hurricanes 5-2Richmond Hill Coyotes
Nov AdamsGr 1-123:15 PMAl Pal E North York Knights Black 4-0Barrie Colts
Nov AdamsGr 1-164:30 PMRink A Weston Dodgers Red 3-4George Bell Titans Navy
Nov AdamsGr 1-156:00 PMGarnet Markham Waxers 3-4Humber Valley Sharks Black
Saturday, November 15, 2014
Nov AdamsGr 1-188:00 AMRink B Meadowvale Hawks Gold 0-4Halton Hurricanes
Nov AdamsGr 1-198:00 AMRink C Duffield Devils Red 4-3Markham Waxers
Nov AdamsGr 1-178:15 AMRink A Don Mills Flyers 4-0Richmond Hill Coyotes
Nov AdamsGr 1-208:15 AMRink D Barrie Colts 0-2Weston Dodgers Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-229:00 AMRink B Vaughan Rangers Red 5-0Peterborough Petes
Nov AdamsGr 1-239:00 AMRink C North Toronto Red 2-3Humber Valley Sharks Black
Nov PatGr 2-89:00 AMAl Pal W Vaughan Rangers White 9-0Port Credit Storm Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-219:15 AMRink A Clarkson Hurricanes Gold 3-2Cooksville Phantoms Gold
Nov AdamsGr 1-249:15 AMRink D North York Knights Black 2-1George Bell Titans Navy
Nov PatGr 2-510:00 AMWOOD Nickel City Jr Sons 3-2Cooksville Phantoms Red
Nov PatGr 2-611:00 AMMaple Vaughan Rangers Blue 1-5North York Knights White
Nov PatGr 2-711:00 AMWOOD North Toronto Green 7-2Duffield Devils White
Nov SmytheGr 3-311:00 AMAl Pal W Peterborough Petes Select 0-10Vaughan Rangers Black
Nov SmytheGr 3-411:15 AMAl Pal E Forest Hill Blue 3-8Kingston CAL Panthers
Nov PatGr 2-103:15 PMAl Pal W North York Knights White 2-2Cooksville Phantoms Red
Nov PatGr 2-124:00 PMGarnet Port Credit Storm Red 2-5Duffield Devils White
Nov PatGr 2-114:15 PMAl Pal W Vaughan Rangers White 3-5North Toronto Green
Nov PatGr 2-94:30 PMAl Pal E Vaughan Rangers Blue 0-4Nickel City Jr Sons
Nov SmytheGr 3-55:00 PMMaple Vaughan Rangers Black 10-0Kingston CAL Panthers
Nov SmytheGr 3-65:00 PMWOOD Forest Hill Blue 6-1Peterborough Petes Select
Nov AdamsGr 1-QF-15:15 PMRink B Humber Valley Sharks Black 1-3Vaughan Rangers Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-QF-25:15 PMRink C George Bell Titans Navy 3-2North York Knights Black
Nov AdamsGr 1-QF-35:30 PMRink A Halton Hurricanes 2-5Duffield Devils Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-QF-45:30 PMRink D Clarkson Hurricanes Gold 1-3Don Mills Flyers
Sunday, November 16, 2014
Nov AdamsGr 1-SF17:45 AMRink B George Bell Titans Navy 4-1Vaughan Rangers Red
Nov AdamsGr 1-SF28:00 AMRink C Don Mills Flyers 2-5Duffield Devils Red
Nov SmytheGr 3-SF19:00 AMAl Pal W Peterborough Petes Select 0-7Vaughan Rangers Black
Nov PatGr 2-SF19:15 AMRink A Nickel City Jr Sons 1-0North Toronto Green
Nov PatGr 2-SF29:15 AMRink D Vaughan Rangers White 1-6North York Knights White
Nov SmytheGr 3-SF29:15 AMAl Pal E Forest Hill Blue 0-6Kingston CAL Panthers
Nov SmytheGr 3-Final1:30 PMRink C Kingston CAL Panthers 0-7Vaughan Rangers Black
Nov AdamsGr 1-Final1:45 PMRink A George Bell Titans Navy 1-2Duffield Devils Red
Nov PatGr 2-Final1:45 PMRink D Nickel City Jr Sons 1-3North York Knights White
This Tournament is part of the 2014-2015 season, which is not set as the current season.