Schedule & Results, Vaughan Rangers AA Early Bird, 2017-2018 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

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Thursday, September 7, 2017
Group AM Ban-17:15 PMVSV-C Vaughan Rangers 3-0Orangeville Flyers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-17:15 PMVSV-B West Mall Lightning 0-9Vaughan Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-27:30 PMVSV-A Mississauga North Stars 3-3Markham Waxers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-37:30 PMVSV-D Greater Toronto Capitals 2-3York Mills Rangers
Group BM Ban-28:30 PMVSV-B Brampton 45's 1-4York Mills Rangers
Group AM MID-18:30 PMVSV-C North York Knights 4-2Brampton 45's
QualifyingBAN-19:00 PMVSV-A Goulding Park Rangers 3-1Vaughan Rangers
Group AM MID-29:00 PMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 2-0Greater Toronto Capitals
Friday, September 8, 2017
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-19:15 AMVSV-B Brampton 45's 4-5Markham Waxers
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-29:15 AMVSV-C North Toronto 3-2Mississauga Terriers
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-39:30 AMVSV-D Toronto Avalanche 4-4Vaughan Panthers
Group A (XOVER)Atom-110:30 AMVSV-B Barrie Colts 6-1Vaughan Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Atom-210:30 AMVSV-C Leaside Flames 2-3Burlington Eagles Blue
Group A (XOVER)Atom-310:45 AMVSV-A North Toronto 5-3Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM Ban-311:45 AMVSV-C London Jr. Knights White 5-5Oakville Rangers Blue
Group BM Ban-411:45 AMAl Pal A York Mills Rangers 2-3Leaside Flames
Group BM Ban-512:00 PMVSV-A St Catherines Falcons 5-5London Jr. Knights Green
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-41:00 PMVSV-C Nickel City Jr. Sons 6-1Vaughan Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Atom-41:15 PMVSV-D Windsor Jr. Spitfires 1-4Streetsville Tigers
Group AM Ban-61:15 PMVSV-A Vaughan Rangers 5-0West Ferris Trappers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-41:15 PMAl Pal A Goulding Park Rangers 5-3Kingston Canadians
QualifyingBAN-22:15 PMVSV-B Mississauga Jets 4-2Kingston Canadians
QualifyingBAN-32:15 PMVSV-C Mississauga Terriers 4-2Halton Hills Thunder
Group AM MID-32:30 PMVSV-A Greater Toronto Capitals 0-1North York Knights
Group AM MID-42:30 PMAl Pal A Mississauga Beast 2-4Brampton 45's
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-53:30 PMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers 3-1Greater Toronto Capitals
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-63:30 PMVSV-C York Mills Rangers 4-1West Mall Lightning
Group B (XOVER)Atom-53:45 PMAl Pal A Burlington Eagles Blue 2-5North Toronto
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-53:45 PMVSV-A Markham Waxers 5-2North Toronto
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-63:45 PMVSV-D Mississauga Terriers 2-0Brampton 45's
Group B (XOVER)Atom-64:45 PMVSV-C Goulding Park Rangers 3-4Leaside Flames
Group BM Ban-74:45 PMVSV-B Brampton 45's 0-5St Catherines Falcons
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-75:00 PMVSV-A Vaughan Rangers 4-6Vaughan Panthers
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-85:00 PMVSV-D Nickel City Jr. Sons 6-1Toronto Avalanche
Group B (XOVER)Atom-76:00 PMVSV-C Streetsville Tigers 1-2Barrie Colts
Group B (XOVER)Atom-86:15 PMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 3-1Windsor Jr. Spitfires
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-76:15 PMAl Pal A Markham Waxers 7-7Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM Ban-87:15 PMVSV-B West Ferris Trappers 0-3London Jr. Knights White
Group AM Ban-97:15 PMVSV-C Orangeville Flyers 3-3Oakville Rangers Blue
Group BM Ban-107:30 PMVSV-A Leaside Flames 4-2London Jr. Knights Green
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-87:30 PMAl Pal A Kingston Canadians 4-2Mississauga North Stars
QualifyingBAN-48:30 PMVSV-B Mississauga Jets 3-1Halton Hills Thunder
QualifyingBAN-58:30 PMVSV-C Vaughan Rangers 3-2Kingston Canadians
QualifyingBAN-68:45 PMAl Pal A Mississauga Terriers 3-0Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM MID-58:45 PMVSV-A Mississauga Beast 1-3North York Knights
Group AM MID-68:45 PMVSV-D Brampton 45's 0-4Vaughan Rangers
Saturday, September 9, 2017
Group A (XOVER)Atom-98:00 AMAl Pal B Leaside Flames 1-2Vaughan Rangers
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-108:00 AMVSV-C Toronto Avalanche 2-1Mississauga Terriers
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-98:00 AMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers 4-3Markham Waxers
Group A (XOVER)Atom-108:15 AMAl Pal A North Toronto 1-2Streetsville Tigers
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-118:15 AMVSV-A Vaughan Panthers 1-0North Toronto
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-128:15 AMVSV-D Brampton 45's 0-8Nickel City Jr. Sons
Group A (XOVER)Atom-119:15 AMAl Pal B Windsor Jr. Spitfires 2-6Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM Ban-119:15 AMVSV-B London Jr. Knights White 1-3Vaughan Rangers
Group AM Ban-129:15 AMVSV-C West Ferris Trappers 2-2Orangeville Flyers
Group A (XOVER)Atom-129:30 AMAl Pal A Barrie Colts 0-3Burlington Eagles Blue
Group BM Ban-139:30 AMVSV-A Leaside Flames 3-1Brampton 45's
Group BM Ban-149:30 AMVSV-D London Jr. Knights Green 3-0York Mills Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-1010:30 AMVSV-C Mississauga North Stars 3-0York Mills Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-910:30 AMVSV-B Goulding Park Rangers 1-4Vaughan Rangers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-1110:45 AMVSV-A West Mall Lightning 2-2Markham Waxers
Group A (XOVER)Peewee-1210:45 AMVSV-D Greater Toronto Capitals 3-1Kingston Canadians
QualifyingBAN-711:45 AMVSV-C Goulding Park Rangers 2-5Mississauga Jets
Group AM MID-711:45 AMVSV-B North York Knights 4-1Vaughan Rangers
QualifyingBAN-812:00 PMVSV-A Kingston Canadians 2-9Mississauga Terriers
QualifyingBAN-912:00 PMVSV-D Halton Hills Thunder 1-1Vaughan Rangers
Group AM MID-81:15 PMVSV-A Greater Toronto Capitals 3-2Mississauga Beast
Group AM Ban-152:15 PMVSV-B Oakville Rangers Blue 5-4West Ferris Trappers
Group AM Ban-162:15 PMVSV-C Orangeville Flyers 3-1London Jr. Knights White
Group BM Ban-172:30 PMVSV-A London Jr. Knights Green 5-0Brampton 45's
Group BM Ban-182:30 PMVSV-D York Mills Rangers 2-4St Catherines Falcons
Group B (XOVER)Atom-133:30 PMAl Pal B Vaughan Rangers 4-1North Toronto
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-133:30 PMVSV-B Mississauga Terriers 2-4Vaughan Rangers
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-143:30 PMVSV-C Vaughan Panthers 5-1Brampton 45's
Group B (XOVER)Atom-143:45 PMAl Pal A Burlington Eagles Blue 3-0Windsor Jr. Spitfires
Group B (XOVER)M Atom-153:45 PMVSV-A North Toronto 2-1Nickel City Jr. Sons
Group A (XOVER)M Atom-163:45 PMVSV-D Markham Waxers 6-3Toronto Avalanche
Group B (XOVER)Atom-154:45 PMAl Pal B Goulding Park Rangers 4-5Barrie Colts
Group B (XOVER)Atom-165:00 PMAl Pal A Streetsville Tigers 2-0Leaside Flames
Group AM MID-96:00 PMAl Pal B Vaughan Rangers 4-1Mississauga Beast
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-136:00 PMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers 4-4Mississauga North Stars
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-146:00 PMVSV-C Kingston Canadians 5-2West Mall Lightning
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-156:15 PMVSV-A Markham Waxers 1-2Greater Toronto Capitals
Group B (XOVER)Peewee-166:15 PMVSV-D York Mills Rangers 5-5Goulding Park Rangers
Group AM Ban-197:15 PMVSV-B Oakville Rangers Blue 3-4Vaughan Rangers
Group BM Ban-207:15 PMVSV-C St Catherines Falcons 2-2Leaside Flames
Group AM MID-107:15 PMAl Pal B Brampton 45's 4-2Greater Toronto Capitals
ChampionshBAN-107:30 PMVSV-A Kingston Canadians 2-3Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN-117:30 PMVSV-D Halton Hills Thunder 0-5Goulding Park Rangers
Sunday, September 10, 2017
ChampionshAtom SF-18:00 AMVSV-B North Toronto 0-3Barrie Colts
ChampionshM Atom SF-18:00 AMVSV-C Nickel City Jr. Sons 6-1Vaughan Panthers
ChampionshAtom SF-28:15 AMVSV-A Burlington Eagles Blue 1-5Streetsville Tigers
ChampionshM Atom SF-28:15 AMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 3-2North Toronto
ChampionshPeewee SF-19:15 AMVSV-C Mississauga North Stars 4-2Greater Toronto Capitals
ChampionshPeewee SF-29:30 AMVSV-D York Mills Rangers 0-3Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN SF-110:30 AMVSV-C Goulding Park Rangers 2-1Mississauga Terriers
ChampionshM Ban SF-110:30 AMVSV-B Oakville Rangers Blue 2-1Leaside Flames
ChampionshBAN SF-210:45 AMVSV-D Vaughan Rangers 0-4Mississauga Jets
ChampionshM Ban SF-210:45 AMVSV-A St Catherines Falcons 3-5Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM MID SF-111:45 AMVSV-B Brampton 45's 2-1Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM MID SF-212:00 PMVSV-A Greater Toronto Capitals 2-0North York Knights
ChampionshM Atom Final1:15 PMVSV-B Vaughan Rangers 1-3Nickel City Jr. Sons
ChampionshAtom Final1:45 PMVSV-A Barrie Colts 2-1Streetsville Tigers
ChampionshPeewee Final3:00 PMVSV-A Mississauga North Stars 3-6Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshM Ban Final3:45 PMVSV-B Oakville Rangers Blue 2-3Vaughan Rangers
ChampionshBAN Final4:15 PMVSV-A Goulding Park Rangers 5-1Mississauga Jets
ChampionshM MID Final5:00 PMVSV-B Greater Toronto Capitals 0-3Brampton 45's
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