Minor Peewee, 2019-2020 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This League is part of the 2019-2020 season, which is not set as the current season.
Canadian Tire/Roy Foss Flyers8512122417+70.5855-1-2W2@ Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Marlies, 4-3 (W)
Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Marlies8521112712+150.6925-2-1L1vs. Canadian Tire/Roy Foss Flyers, 4-3 (L)
Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Canadiens834171221-90.3643-4-1W1vs. Canadian Tire/Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 0-1 (W)
Canadian Tire/Toronto Pro Leafs633061712+50.5863-3-0L1vs. Canadian Tire/Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 2-1 (L)
Canadian Tire/Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins623151112-10.4782-3-1L1vs. Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Canadiens, 1-0 (L)
Canadian Tire/Tasios Orthodontics Predators81613421-170.1601-6-1L2@ Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Canadiens, 0-1 (L)
Regular Season
Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Marlies161411296828+400.7088-1-1W1vs. Canadian Tire/Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 2-4 (W)
Canadian Tire/Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins16772164452-80.4584-4-2W2vs. Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Canadiens, 1-3 (W)
Canadian Tire/Toronto Pro Leafs16772164441+30.5185-4-1W2@ Canadian Tire/Roy Foss Flyers, 5-0 (W)
Canadian Tire/Roy Foss Flyers16484123548-130.4223-5-2L2vs. Canadian Tire/Toronto Pro Leafs, 5-0 (L)
Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Canadiens16592123037-70.4483-6-1L3@ Canadian Tire/Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins, 1-3 (L)
Canadian Tire/Tasios Orthodontics Predators16493112843-150.3942-5-3L1@ Canadian Tire/Shoeless Joe's Marlies, 2-4 (L)