Minor Atom, 2017-2018 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This League is part of the 2017-2018 season, which is not set as the current season.
AtoMc Sharks9801173415+190.6948-0-1W8vs. AtoMc Leafs, 2-5 (W)
AtoMc Leafs9612143820+180.6556-1-2L1@ AtoMc Sharks, 2-5 (L)
AtoMc Kings9531113816+220.7045-3-1L2vs. AtoMc Canadiens, 2-1 (L)
AtoMc Canadiens94419303000.5004-4-1W1@ AtoMc Kings, 2-1 (W)
AtoMc Stars734061722-50.4363-4-0L2vs. AtoMc Canadiens, 8-3 (L)
GDI Integrated Facility Services AtoMc Predators714241420-60.4121-4-2L1@ AtoMc Kings, 3-4 (L)
AtoMc Penguins715131217-50.4141-5-1L3@ AtoMc Leafs, 1-2 (L)
AtoMc Knights707001457-430.1970-7-0L7@ AtoMc Sharks, 3-9 (L)
Regular Season
AtoMc Sharks14833194824+240.6676-2-2T2vs. AtoMc Leafs, 3-3 (T)
AtoMc Leafs14734186135+260.6355-1-4T2@ AtoMc Sharks, 3-3 (T)
GDI Integrated Facility Services AtoMc Predators14644163842-40.4755-3-2L2vs. AtoMc Stars, 4-3 (L)
AtoMc Canadiens14761154636+100.5615-4-1W2@ AtoMc Knights, 6-4 (W)
AtoMc Stars14653155967-80.4685-3-2W3@ GDI Integrated Facility Services AtoMc Predators, 4-3 (W)
AtoMc Kings14554145059-90.4593-4-3W1@ AtoMc Penguins, 3-2 (W)
AtoMc Penguins1438395061-110.4501-7-2L1vs. AtoMc Kings, 3-2 (L)
AtoMc Knights14210264573-280.3811-7-2L5vs. AtoMc Canadiens, 6-4 (L)