Novice, 2017-2018 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This League is part of the 2017-2018 season, which is not set as the current season.
Complete Design & Packaging Knights9810164016+240.7148-1-0W8@ Roy Foss Marlies, 2-1 (W)
Roy Foss Marlies9720146327+360.7007-2-0L1vs. Complete Design & Packaging Knights, 2-1 (L)
Toronto Pro Leafs9720145129+220.6387-2-0W1vs. Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 1-4 (W)
Roy Foss Flyers7520104228+140.6005-2-0L1vs. Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 6-5 (L)
Roy Foss Canadiens725042031-110.3922-5-0L1@ Complete Design & Packaging Knights, 1-6 (L)
Tasios Orthodontics Predators927043154-230.3652-7-0L2@ Toronto Pro Leafs, 1-4 (L)
Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins716021541-260.2681-6-0L6@ Toronto Pro Leafs, 3-9 (L)
Roy Foss Stars707002359-360.2800-7-0L7@ Roy Foss Marlies, 2-10 (L)
Regular Season
Roy Foss Flyers141022229667+290.5897-1-2W2vs. Complete Design & Packaging Knights, 4-6 (W)
Roy Foss Marlies14824208750+370.6354-2-4T1@ Toronto Pro Leafs, 5-5 (T)
Roy Foss Canadiens14842187356+170.5665-3-2W1vs. Roy Foss Stars, 2-5 (W)
Complete Design & Packaging Knights14743177257+150.5586-2-2L1@ Roy Foss Flyers, 4-6 (L)
Toronto Pro Leafs14653155551+40.5194-3-3T1vs. Roy Foss Marlies, 5-5 (T)
Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins1449195166-150.4364-6-0W1vs. Tasios Orthodontics Predators, 1-8 (W)
Roy Foss Stars1429375392-390.3661-8-1L6@ Roy Foss Canadiens, 2-5 (L)
Tasios Orthodontics Predators14111244492-480.3241-7-2L2@ Insurance Brokers of Toronto Bruins, 1-8 (L)