Minor Novice, 2016-2017 (City of Vaughan Hockey)

This League is part of the 2016-2017 season, which is not set as the current season.
Insurance Brokers of Toronto(Gold)9513132617+90.6055-1-3W5vs. Roy Foss Red, 0-3 (W)
Roy Foss Grey9531113625+110.5905-3-1W1@ Springfarm Dental(Purple), 9-0 (W)
Springfarm Dental(Purple)9531113129+20.5175-3-1L2vs. Roy Foss Grey, 9-0 (L)
Toronto Pro(Royal Blue)743082616+100.6194-3-0L2vs. Roy Foss Red, 3-2 (L)
Roy Foss Black733172019+10.5133-3-1L1vs. Roy Foss Grey, 3-2 (L)
Roy Foss Red935172032-120.3853-5-1L1@ Insurance Brokers of Toronto(Gold), 0-3 (L)
Roy Foss Kelly724151620-40.4442-4-1L4@ Insurance Brokers of Toronto(Gold), 0-2 (L)
Seven View Chrysler White705221431-170.3110-5-2L3@ Springfarm Dental(Purple), 3-4 (L)
Regular Season
Toronto Pro(Royal Blue)141211257327+460.7308-1-1T1vs. Insurance Brokers of Toronto(Gold), 2-2 (T)
Springfarm Dental(Purple)14842185340+130.5706-2-2W1vs. Roy Foss Grey, 4-7 (W)
Roy Foss Grey14851176048+120.5566-4-0L1@ Springfarm Dental(Purple), 4-7 (L)
Roy Foss Kelly14644164138+30.5195-3-2W1@ Roy Foss Red, 4-1 (W)
Insurance Brokers of Toronto(Gold)14554144143-20.4883-4-3T1@ Toronto Pro(Royal Blue), 2-2 (T)
Roy Foss Black14473112941-120.4143-6-1T1vs. Seven View Chrysler White, 2-2 (T)
Seven View Chrysler White1428483054-240.3572-4-4T2@ Roy Foss Black, 2-2 (T)
Roy Foss Red14112132561-360.2910-9-1L7vs. Roy Foss Kelly, 4-1 (L)