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House League Coaching Qualification/Requirements

If you are interested in Coaching in the CVHA House League

House League Coaches and Assistant Coaches shall be appointed by the VP's of House League, as they oversee and determine all coaching assignments.  Having previously coached in the CVHA does not guarantee a returning Coach the right to be assigned as a coach again. There are various factors the CVHA consider in determining coaching assignments.    Factors such as number of teams, applications, previous experience and prior history in adhering to the principles and guidelines of promoting fair play and sportsmanship, and respect to players, parents, referees, CVHA officials and volunteers.   Some or all of these factors will be taken in to consideration. 

All coaches who have been selected will be contacted by the CVHA once a determination has been made and become registered with Hockey Canada by the CVHA Office.  This will ensure qualifications are met and all team officials are properly insured. 

All candidates MUST fill out the CVHA House League Coaching Application form. No coach will be considered without the appropriate forms in place. Sponsoring a team WILL NOT automatically guarantee a coaching position or a choice of bench staff or players other than the Sponsors child.

We have inserted links to all clinics & requirements necessary into the Coaching in HL tab.

GTHL Policy Regarding Coaches Changing Associations

No Coach may be registered as a Team Official with more than one Team or Club within the League and any of its Divisions without receiving permission by the President or Executive Director to be a Team Official on more than one Team.

Team Officials changing clubs see GTHL Rule 7.15 

ONLY ONE HEAD COACH AND ONE ASSISTANT COACH WILL BE CONSIDERED DURING TEAM FORMATION.  This means only the direct children of the Head Coach and 1 Assistant can be protected during team formation.  Balance of Bench staff will be generated post team formation.